Tapping Into the Power of Myths

2022 January | Advanced Track

WHEN: January 29, 2022 – 4pm Eastern | 3pm Central | 2pm Mountain | 1pm Pacific via Zoom

Course Description:

Many storytellers forget the power of myths as too archaic or as being not relevant to contemporary readers. They are not only missing a gold mine of compelling story ideas but forget that myths still resonate in so many ways today, just as they resonated with our ancestors.

Join me if you want to know more about:

  • The enduring function of myth in our lives.
  • What the first storytellers can teach us.
  • The 5 most resonate faces of the hero as a character.
  • Moving beyond Greco Roman myths to a wealth of other sources.
  • 6 of the most powerful mythic themes and how to use them.

About the Instructor:

USA Today bestselling author, Mary Buckham writes the best-selling WRITING ACTIVE series for writers – WRITING ACTIVE SETTING and WRITING ACTIVE HOOKS. She is also the co-author of BREAK INTO FICTION® with NYT author Dianna Love. Mary is nationally recognized for her online and live writing workshops for writers of all genres around the US and Canada, including the Power Plotting Webinars.  

Mary doesn’t just teach writers though. She practices what she preaches, writing Urban Fantasy with attitude.  Do you love romance, danger & kick-ass heroines? Find it in her Alex Noziak or Kelly McAllister series! She also writes YA sci fi/adventure as Micah Caida in the Red Moon series.

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