TikTok and Reels for Authors

2021 August | Business

WHEN: August 14, 2021 – 1PM Eastern/12PM Central/10AM Pacific via Zoom

Course Description:

Think Tiktok is all about lip-syncing and dances? Think again! Join author Mariah Ankenman as she helps you navigate one of the fastest-growing social media sites. Learn how to connect with readers, create engaging videos, and cross-post to Instagram Reels for maximum exposure. Gain readers and sell more books with TikTok (no dancing required).

About the Instructor:

Mariah Ankenman is the author of sassy and swoon-worthy romance. An elder millennial, she grew up on the Oregon Trail and still knows her top 8 on MySpace. As social media preferences shift she’s stayed on top of the latest hype. She loves sharing what she knows with her fellow authors and helping them navigate the ever changing trends of the digital age.