Write with Power: How to Conduct and Use Interviews to Enhance Your Story

2024 October | Craft

WHEN: August 3, 2024 – August 3, 2024 1 PM ET / 2 PM MT / 3 PM CT / 4 PM ET via Zoom

Course Description:


“Write what you know.” Who hasn’t heard that old adage a hundred times? But is it okay to write what you don’t know? The answer is: yes, but… If you want readers to believe your story and enjoy it, then you’ll need to turn an unfamiliar subject into a familiar one. 

Thorough research has many facets, and one of the most expedient ways to research for fiction is by interviewing an expert on your topic of interest. 

Learn from former journalist Rebekah L. Fraser how to conduct an interview that will help you create more believable scenes, settings, and characters to take your fiction to the next level.


This workshop suits writers of all levels who want to enhance the believability of their fiction or educate their audience while entertaining them.



  • How to find an expert and request an interview without seeming like a stalker, 
  • How to prepare for the interview,
  • Best practices for conducting an interview that will help you create more believable scenes, settings, and characters,
  • Basic tips for integrating fact into fiction, and
  • How and when to follow up with the expert.

About the Instructor:

Rebekah Fraser writes fiction, produces music and visual art, and offers creativity coaching and writing classes from her home base in Connecticut.  

After graduating from Yale with a BA in Film Studies / Screenwriting, she worked as a journalist for more than a decade and interviewed experts in the United States, Nicaragua, England, and Australia. Along the way, Fraser covered topics that were unfamiliar to her, including the post-war effects of landmines, economic development for vulnerable populations, agricultural science and genetics, electronic waste management, business, and climate change. As a novelist, she strives to educate as well as entertain readers and brings her journalism skills into researching for the glacier-melting romance novels she writes as Tara L. Roí.