Writing the Comedic Contemporary Mystery

2024 August | Craft

WHEN: August 1, 2024 – August 31, 2024 via GroupsIO

Course Description:

Wish you could have readers chuckling over your mystery as they do Janet Evanovich’s, the late Elizabeth Peters’s or Charlotte MacLeod’s, and lots of cozy mystery writers do? There’s a balance to maintain between the chokes of laughter and the down-and-dirty solving of the mystery. Comedic mystery can move into other genres than straight mystery or romantic suspense with comedy stirred in, too. Join Beth Daniels (aka Beth Henderson, J.B. Dane), who has a difficult time keeping comedy from seeping into stories be they romance, fantasy or a cozy style tale. Let crime tickle your funny bone and that of your reader!

There are all types of mystery niches in which to write stories: amateur detective, police procedural, government agency, spies, private detectives, capers, cozies, romantic suspense. Even paranormal romance. Any one of them could be a comedic mystery. Why? Because comedy is in the characters, in the presentation. In the “voice” of the story. Are there good and bad comedic elements? Does comedy have to run through the entire story? How does one deal with crime and manage to keep the reader smiling, perhaps laughing out loud, and still present a satisfying story? Particularly if the crime scene is a gruesome one. Well, that’s what this workshop is determined to lay out for your consideration. Comedy and mystery have been rubbing shoulders since the Golden Age of Mystery, and likely before it, too. Join Beth to see what it takes to mix grins, snickers and laughs with murder (and other crimes) most foul.


About the Instructor:

Beth Daniels’ first published novel, NIKROVA’S PASSION (written as Beth Henderson), was a romantic-suspense-comedy. Although it was a contemporary when released in 1990,
Beth feels it might merit having the tags “20th century historical” or “vintage” added on today. Most of the mystery tales she wrote until a few years ago tended to be historical romances with strong mystery elements. But it was that first book that won her acceptance as a valid writer of mystery from Mystery Writers of America. Since NIKROVA was released, she has worn several pseudonymic hats while penning 34 stories of romance. Then she decided to jump onto another genre train – the fantasy one. Today she writes urban fantasy mystery comedy as J.B. Dane while still playing with non-paranormal characters in comedic mystery with a dash of romance.  Actually, any niche where she can really cut loose in terms of comedy appeals to her. Visit Beth at www.4TaleTellers.com.