Your Book’s Blurb

WHEN: May 18, 2024 – 4 PM ET / 3 PM CT / 2 PM MT / 1 PM PT via Zoom

Course Description:

You’ve seen online listings that made you buy immediately, knowing you wanted that book for sure. You’ve seen others that told you “don’t want this one” and others that left you lukewarm. While nobody can (or should) write listings that attract readers looking for a whole different type of book, writing blurbs that turn browsers into buyers is easy to do…with the hands-on techniques covered here.

About the Instructor:

Laurie Schnebly Campbell loves giving workshops that draw on her background as a counseling therapist and a novelist who beat out Nora Roberts for “Best Special Edition of the Year.” She also enjoys writing copy for a Phoenix ad agency, playing with her toddler grandson, recording for the blind, vacationing in Sedona (the red-rock town named for her grandpa’s mom), and teaching a new email class every month…which is why she now has on her bookshelf 51 first-sale books from writers who’ve taken her classes. “People ask how I find time to do all that,” Laurie says, “and I tell them it’s easy. I never clean my house!”

Facebook: @LaurieSchneblyCampbell

Twitter: @BookLaurie