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Unless stated otherwise, workshops take place on closed Groups.IO Forums and are $15 for CRW Members, $25 for RWA Members, or $35 for Non-RWA Members. For more information, contact the VP of Workshops.
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  • September 1-30, 2019: Making Your Characters Come Alive -3D Characters Your Readers Will Love with Rebekah R. Ganiere
  • September 2-27, 2019: THE BIG, FAT, AUTHOR MARKETING Q&A with Deborah Magnus
  • September 9-20, 2019: Self Publishing: Easy as ABC with Meredith Bond
  • September 10-23, 2019: Nab Your Reader On Page 1 With Your Suspense Novel with Casey Clipper
  • October 1-28, 2019: Self Editing “How’d I Miss That?” with Kathryn Jane
  • October 1-28, 2019: Write The Effing Book: Using Plotting Techniques to Start and Write Your Book with Mary E Thompson
  • October 1-28, 2019: Psychology 101 for Writers with Margaret Bates
  • November 5, 2019: How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon (WEBINAR) with Penny Sansevieri
  • November 1-27, 2019: Freedom and Framework: Story Planning for Pantsers with Cathy Chant
  • November 1-27, 2019: Novellas and How to Knock ‘Em Out Fast with Ivy Quinn

Past Workshops



August 1-28, 2019

Horses for Fiction Writers with Kathryn Jane

About The Workshop:
What do you do when a horse shows up in your story?
Do you panic? Hit the brakes? Inform her she can’t have a horse? Not if you take this course filled with basic horsemanship, in-depth equine knowledge, critical terminology and a bonus list of don’ts to save you from looking like a rooky and making readers toss your book at a wall.
About The Instructor:
Presenter KATHRYN JANE has extensive experience riding in the show ring, on the racetrack, over jumps, cross-country chasing cattle, training horses and assisting veterinarians.
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August 5-16, 2019

Get More Done with Mary E Thompson

About The Workshop:
What would you do with an extra hour in your day? What about two? What about an extra ten minutes?
We all struggle with getting everything we want to do done. We take on more than we can actually handle and regret it. Everything ends up suffering, especially us.
We always wish for more time.
This workshop will teach you how to manage your time so that you can find those extra minutes or hours in your day without having to give up other things to get them (like sleep). We’ll talk about using your time well, taking advantage of small moments, and focusing on what really matters so when you have time, you spend it where you want to.
Workshop Syllabus
Lesson 1 – What Really Matters?
Lesson 2 – Where Did the Time Go?
Lesson 3 – Get Sh*t Done
Lesson 4 – Your New Favorite Word
Lesson 5 – What To Do When Everything Changes

About The Instructor:
Mary E Thompson has never been able to freeze time, pull all nighters, or lock herself in her room for hours at a time (her kids always find her). But she has managed to publish over 45 novels, serve on a chapter board for more than two years, and chair a popular RWA chapter contest. And that’s while raising her two elementary school aged children, managing the household for a family of four, and making sure her husband doesn’t miss that doctor’s appointment he forgot to put on his calendar. After being asked too many times how she does it all, she decided to share her not-so-secret secrets with you.

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August 5-30, 2019

From Austen to Aliens – How to Create Classic Tough Chicks with Jacqui Jacoby

About The Workshop:
As a martial artist, Jacqui Jacoby is interested in self-defense and how women are portrayed in the media. At first, it seemed as if it was only Hollywood showing women in a tough light. With heroines such as Sarah Conner of the Terminator movies, and Ellen Ripely in the Alien films, women were the ones saving the day when men were being blown up or eaten.

This workshop covers such topics as how to portray tough chick heroines. We will discuss different types of self-defense techniques and how to build a tough chick heroine from the inside out. What kind of women make up the tough chicks and what are they like in their everyday lives? What drives them to become tough? What kind of hero must stand beside her and what kind of villains will she face?

About The Instructor:
Award-winning author, Jacqui Jacoby lives and writes in the beauty of Northern Arizona. Currently adjusting to being an empty nester with her first grandchild to draw her pictures, Jacqui is a self-defense hobbyist. Having studied martial arts for numerous years she retired in 2006 from the sport, yet still brings strength she learned from the discipline to her heroines. She is a working writer, whose career includes writing books, teaching online and live workshops and penning short nonfiction.
Follow her at

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