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Unless stated otherwise, workshops take place on closed Groups.IO Forums and are $15 for CRW Members, $25 for RWA Members, or $35 for Non-RWA Members. For more information, contact the VP of Workshops.
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  • October 1-28, 2019: Self Editing “How’d I Miss That?” with Kathryn Jane
  • October 1-28, 2019: Write The Effing Book: Using Plotting Techniques to Start and Write Your Book with Mary E Thompson
  • October 1-28, 2019: Psychology 101 for Writers with Margaret Bates
  • November 5, 2019: How to Sell Books by the Truckload on Amazon (WEBINAR) with Penny Sansevieri
  • November 1-27, 2019: Freedom and Framework: Story Planning for Pantsers with Cathy Chant
  • November 1-27, 2019: Novellas and How to Knock ‘Em Out Fast with Ivy Quinn
  • January 7-18, 2020: How Can Evernote Help You Write? with Denise Alicea
  • January 5-31, 2020: Creating a Social Media Content Plan with Lisa Catto
  • January 5-31, 2020: Inside Out: Crafting Your Character’s Internal Conflict with Linnea Sinclair
  • January 5-31, 2020: Writing the Romantic Novella with Cathy Chant
  • February 1-14, 2020: Motivate Your Character to Create the Plot with Alicia Rasley
  • February 3-28, 2020: Scrivener Scene by Scene with Ines Johnson
  • March 1-14, 2020: Active Rest for Creatives with Merien Grey
  • March 2-27, 2020: Where Craft And Marketing Collide! with Deborah Magnus
  • March 1-27, 2020: Don’t TELL Me That with Leslie Scott
  • March 2 – April 3, 2020: Critical Lens with LaQuette
  • April 6-30, 2020: Writing Sex in Contemporary Romance with Kay Harris
  • April 6-30, 2020: When Two Authors Are Better Than One, a Co-writing Class with Midnight Voss and Ivy Quinn
  • April 21, 2020: WEBINAR – What Your Crit Partners Won’t Tell You with Grace Burrowes
  • May 4-29, 2020: Be A More Productive And Vibrant Writer! with Deborah Magnus
  • May 1-29, 2020: Press Kit “Trust Me, You Need One Now!” with Kathryn Jane
  • May 1-29, 2020: Keeping Your Characters – And Readers – On Edge: Tension And The Contemporary Romance with Beth Daniels
  • June 1-26, 2020: Getting Started in Audio with Kerri Canyas
  • June 1-26, 2020: The Sexy Synopsis with Shannon Donnelly
  • June 1-26, 2020: Catching “Oops” Elements In Your Story: Editing That’s Got Nuthin’ Ta Do With Grammar with Beth Daniels
  • August 3-28, 2020: Adapting Your Novel for the Screen with Ines Johnson
  • August 1-28, 2020: Self-Publishing “Where The Heck Do I Start?” with Kathryn Jane
  • August 1-28, 2020: Website Tips & Tricks – 15 Lessons to Supercharge Your Author Website with Barb Drozdowich
  • September 1-25, 2020: Hardwired for Hot with Merien Grey
  • September 1-25, 2020: Inadvertent Mentors: Stripping Others’ Published Work To Build A Genre Niche Template Of Your Own with Beth Daniels
  • September 1-25, 2020: Dialogue: Don’t Let ‘Em Say What You Mean with Shannon Donnelly
  • October 5-30, 2020: Marketing 101 with Ines Johnson
  • October 1-29, 2020: So You’ve Finished a Novel, Now What? with Leslie Scott
  • October 4-24, 2020: Prep for NaNoWriMo the Bare Bones Way with Cathy Chant
  • November 1-29, 2020: Shuffling The Cards: Dealing Yourself More Writing Time In The Game Of Life with Beth Daniels
  • November 1-24, 2020: Blurbs and Tag Lines with Linnea Sinclair
  • November 1-29, 2020: Fights in Fiction with Merien Grey

Past Workshops



October 1-28, 2019

Self-Editing “How’d I Miss That?” with Kathryn Jane

About the Workshop:
Embarrassment Prevention skills.

Do not send your manuscript to an agent, editor, contest, or retailer until you have worked it over, backwards, forwards and sideways. Show off your writing chops by sending out clean pages.

Let me arm you with all the tips I wish someone had given me, and save you from the embarrassment of the kind of mistakes I’ve made. Sit down with me for an hour, or sign up for a month-long online class, and learn how to easily spot crutch words, spelling weaknesses, inconsistencies, overused words, passive words, repetitious words, slow pacing, redundancies, clichés, poor/incorrect word use, clunky sentence and paragraph structure, punctuation typos, lack of dialogue rhythms and flow, and Point of View issues.

Do not follow in my footsteps! Learn from my mistakes instead and you’ll find yourself leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

About the Instructor:
Presenter Kathryn Jane writes the popular Intrepid Women Series. Novels filled with mystery, suspense, adventure, psychic abilities, and romance. Think MacGyver, Criminal Minds, and James Bond…with a dash of I Love Lucy. Kickass women and the men who dare to love them. Contact Kathryn for more information:

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October 1-28, 2019

Psychology 101 for Writers with Margaret Bates

About the Workshop:
There are many aspects of psychology that intrigue writers from the serial killers who make headlines and fill thrillers to understanding how clinical psychology as a profession works to the myriad of psychological and developmental conditions that could be built in as part of your casts’ characterizations. In this course, writers will learn about the profession of psychology, understand how to research neurological/psychological/development conditions properly and as a beginning to help craft compelling characters, and learn about forensic psychology. After this review of the most popular topics in psychology, writers will come away with tools to make their plots deeper and characters richer.

About the Instructor:
Margaret Bates has her undergraduate degree in psychology from Duke University and was everything but dissertation in psychology at The University of Alabama at Birmingham in Developmental Psychology with an emphasis on autism intervention therapies. She’s been published in the Creativity Research Journal, and is currently finishing her Master’s in Industrial/Organizational psychology with a focus on ostracism in the workplace environment.

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October 1-28, 2019

Write The Effing Book: Using Plotting Techniques to Start and Write Your Book with Mary E Thompson

About the Workshop:
You have an idea. It’s a great one. You know you can turn it into a book that will sell like crazy. But you just don’t know where to get started.

This workshop will take you through the process of plotting out your novel in a way that even (brave) pantsers will want to try. We will dive into who your characters are, what they really want, and why they think they can’t have it. We will plot the major points of your novel, and you will walk away with a plan that gives you enough detail to get started, whether you are a plotter and want to have each piece in place or a pantser who likes finding the surprise inside your story.

By dissecting popular novels, we will explore multiple examples of how to take your idea from something small to something spectacular.

About the Instructor:
Mary E. Thompson writes scintillating stories with a side of hope. Her steamy, small town stories give readers hope and keep them coming back for more. As an indie author of over 30 stories, Mary knows how to not only start, but also how to finish a book. She’s developed her plotting process through years of experience in figuring out what works for her, as well as coaching other authors into getting their book started.

When Mary isn’t writing, reading, or helping other authors, she’s doing her best to raise her daughter and son to be good people and living out her own real life romance with her amazing husband. Visit her at to learn more.

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September 10-23, 2019

Nab Your Reader on Page One with Your Suspense Novel with Casey Clipper

About The Workshop:

Don’t you just love to read romantic suspense? Don’t you just love to be grabbed from the start of the book until the end? Do you wonder how certain authors do it so flawlessly? Do want to incorporate that same grab-them-from-the-beginning style?

In this workshop, learn how to nab your reader from page one. Learn how to make that first line an attention grabber. Learn how to make that reader keep reading to chapter two and beyond. Let’s bring the suspense into your suspense novel.

Lesson 1 – Learn the difference between a suspense novel and a novel with suspenseful elements. Which is yours?

Lesson 2 – First line – Hit your reader over the head with a What?!?! On your opening line.

Lesson 3 – First page/chapter – Don’t hit them with backstory. Hit the reader with the suspense.

Lesson 4 – The suspense formula broken down for an easy follow, no matter if plotter or pantser.

Lesson 5 –  Solve your suspense before writing one word. Hit them with the shocker either on page one or toward the end. Either way, the reader and you win.

Lesson 6 – Break the rules. Don’t listen to the You can’t do this or that. Do it, own it and love it!

About The Instructor:

Romantic Suspense Author Casey Clipper is hell bent on torturing her readers. Casey writes contemporary romantic suspense with her the Men of Law Series, contemporary romance with suspenseful elements with her The Love Series, and paranormal romance with suspenseful elements and suspense with her The Eternal Throne Series. To say she loves to throw the kitchen sink at her main characters would be an understatement. Casey is from Pittsburgh, PA and is a member of the Three Rivers Romance Writers, North Eastern Ohio Romance Writers, and serves as president of the Contemporary Romance Writers. She can often be found taking workshops taught by Geoff Symon, reading romantic suspense novels, watching Dateline and Netflix who-done-it documentaries, and reading law enforcement procedure novels written specifically for writers. Look for Casey’s upcoming podcast series “Write Between the Sheets” with author Abigail Drake as they discuss the writing world from insiders perspectives. 

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September 2-30, 2019


About The Workshop:
Like most authors you probably take numerous workshops and have listened to lots of speakers in hopes of mastering that all-important Book Marketing thing everyone fears so much. And at the end of it all, my guess is that you STILL have questions! Here’s your chance to get all your answers!
This is a unique workshop since it’s YOURS to control. For a full month I am at your command. Before the workshop begins, please make a list of 8 to 10 author marketing questions and I will answer all questions, and whatever questions arise from the answers given. As we go along, I’ll be teaching tips and tools to make those answers easy to implement and give you the mastery you need to find real book sales success. This will be fun and informative and exactly what you’ve been looking for.

About The Instructor:
Deborah Riley-Magnus is an author and an Author Success Coach with thirty-plus years professional background in marketing, advertising, and public relations. She has been a writer for print, television, and radio. She writes fiction and nonfiction, and she has been a ghostwriter for several clients. Her nonfiction—FINDING AUTHOR SUCCESS, CROSS MARKETING MAGIC FOR AUTHORS, and the newest, WRITE BRAIN/LEFT BRAIN— teaches authors how to bridge the gap between the creative writer and the marketing author.
For over a decade Deborah has been working with authors to help them find sales success. She produces several pieces monthly for various websites and online publications. She teaches online and live workshops, clinics, and boot camps. She writes an author marketing industry blog and coaches authors, one-on-one, for sales success. In 2018 she developed Author Marketing Tool Products to help authors reach marketing goals easier.
Deborah belongs to several writing and professional organizations. She has lived on both the east and west coast of the United States and has traveled the country widely. She is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and recently returned after living in Los Angeles, California for several years. Find out more:
Blog –
Teach –

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September 9-20, 2019

Self Publishing: Easy as ABC with Meredith Bond

About The Workshop:
Day One: Introductions.
Day Two: Are you ready? Your production schedule.
Day Three: Your cover
Day Four: All the pretty pieces: front matter and back matter; how do you want your book to look? ISBNs, copyright, etc.
Day Five: Formatting for Smashwords
Day Six: Building your ebook with Jutoh
Day Seven: Formatting for CreateSpace
Day Eight: Uploading your masterpiece
Day Nine: Beginning marketing: must haves and extras
Day Ten: All questions answered (to the best of my ability). Existential questions such as “What is the meaning of life” and “Why?” will be answered as well, but I should remind you, I am a writer of fiction.

About The Instructor:
Meredith Bond as been formatting for it indie-authors and teaching both formatting and publishing since 2012 when she figured it all out in order to publish her own books. Since then she’s had many wonderful clients, students and has published fifteen books.

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September 1-30, 2019

Making Your Characters Come Alive: 3D Characters Your Readers Will Love with Rebekah R. Ganiere

About The Workshop:
Have you ever read a book or watched a movie and fallen so completely in love with the characters that you had to watch it again? Have you ever watched a movie where you couldn’t care less if the characters lived or died? When writing a story your characters are the very lifeblood that makes or breaks your book. Without a hero your fans fall in love with and a heroine they want to be best friends with, you will fall flat.
Come learn what it takes to make memorable characters that people will relate to and fall in love with. Learn what it takes to make them more than just words on a page. Help create both a hero and a heroine in this class that you can take and use in your next book.

About The Instructor:
Rebekah is an Award Winning Bestselling Author and Screenwriter. Her debut novel Dead Awakenings, hit the bestseller list on release day. She has won several awards in both writing and screenwriting. Books in her popular fairytale retelling series Fairelle have won many awards including the Golden Palm and was a finalist for Rone Award as well as won Best Fantasy Series of 2014 from the Paranormal Romance Guild. Her trilogy The Society was released by Kensington and her new series Wolf River released in 2016. Rebekah is a prolific author releasing upwards of five books a year and is currently working on six different series. Rebekah’s screenplay No More Goodbyes has finalled in the Screencraft Family Film contest, Cinequest, and was awarded Best Screenplay by the New Hope Film Festival and Family in Film Festival.

Rebekah is the former President of the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal Chapter of RWA as well as a member of several local and online chapters. In her spare time when she isn’t writing you can find her teaching on or at RWA. Rebekah is also known for her elaborate cosplays with her family and has been a guest speaker and panelist at San Diego Comic Con, Wondercon, Salt Lake Comic Con, Long Beach Comic Con, Comikaze, Fyrecon and several other Comic Cons on the west coast as well as LTUE, Romantic Times Convention, RWA, InD’Scribe, Genre LA and Authors After Dark and Book Lovers Con.

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