Writing Sex in Contemporary Romance

Writing Sex in Contemporary Romance

April 6- 30, 2020

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Workshop Description:

Writing sex can come with a lot of questions and insecurities. You are putting the most intimate things on paper to be read by other people, strangers, your friends–and yes, maybe even your mom. They will talk about it. They might blush. They might even tease you. But you are a romance author, and you understand the importance of sex as a connector in romance novels. You can do this. You got this!
During our four week course, we’ll explore the pleasures and pitfalls of writing sex in romance novels. You’ll figure out what your own limits are, your “safe words,” and what you really need for your stories. This isn’t about how I write sex or how famous authors write sex. It’s about how you do it. So what we’ll be doing a lot of in this course is practicing! Keep your mind open, your computer on, and join us!
Instructor Bio: Rone award-winning author Kay Harris.

 I’m a middle child. I’m an extrovert and a writer. I daydream a lot. I have a relatively diverse resume. Some highlights include park ranger, a Special Olympics fundraiser, museum marketing manager, and college professor. Some of those jobs definitely influence my writing, as do the places I’ve lived.

Oh the places I’ve lived! They make the resume look boring. They include (but are not limited to) the suburbs outside Detroit, Yellowstone National Park, a small town in northern Montana, an even smaller town on the Utah/Colorado border, Las Vegas, and San Francisco.

I started writing as a kid, but never got serious about it until I spent a lonely winter in a village with just thirteen other people at 8,000 feet watching the snow drift. Then I put my computer keyboard to work, and I’ve been at it ever since. I don’t seem to be able to stop.

A lot of people ask me why I write romance. The answer is simple. I am in love with the idea of love. I love to be in love. I love to see people be in love. I love to watch people fall in love. It’s all amazing all the time. And the thing about love is – everyone gets it at some point in their life, in some way, from someone. It is a universal thing.