Mellanie Szereto

Balancing Act

~ By Mellanie Szereto I wrote this blog post several years ago, but the demands and commitments in my life have changed since then. My husband is thinking about retirement, our daughter has graduated from college (multiple times) and lives halfway across the country for her job, our autistic son has started college, my elderly father […]

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Backstory vs. Exposition

~ By Mellanie Szereto A lot of agents and editors comment about submissions they’ve rejected because the author either opened with page after page of backstory and no action or had a great opening action scene followed by pages of backstory. Some of the contest entries I’ve judged have had similar issues. How much Backstory is

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Writer’s Block

~ By Mellanie Szereto What happens when an author’s creativity slows to a tickle or stops altogether? Besides PANIC, Writer’s Block is the most common term for the condition. What are the causes? What’s the cure? Lots of issues can lead to writer’s block, but one of the most frequent causes is burnout. Authors tend to

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Choosing the Right Publishing Path

~ By Mellanie Szereto Choosing the right publishing path can be a daunting decision for both new and experienced authors, but having good information about each option can make the decision easier. As with many aspects of writing, no single path works for everyone. Time, resources, abilities, and personal experiences will affect choices. Let’s start

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